Our Story 

Our health and well-being is directly affected by our technology.  When it works well, our lives run smoother and we're calmer.  When its out of control, it creates chaos and causes us a huge amount of stress and tension.  A gap in the market enabled us to create a new user experience. A calm technical consultation with benefits clients can see and feel.  One which is more akin to a relaxation treatment, albeit with results that last long after the session has ended!


It would be fair to say my default setting is to be organized.  In my professional life, as a project manager for large-scale architectural projects, and as a Mother, I’ve always been driven to keep things in order and maximize efficiency.  One day, a fellow parent shared her frustration that she was unable to find someone to help her organize, and manage, her iPhone, Mac and photo’s.  The ‘tech help’ of the world just kept talking jargon to her, and worse, they made her feel incompetent and more overwhelmed! 

My ‘A ha’ moment came when she said ‘you could be the Marie Kondo of technology!’.  I began translating the principle from physical possessions to personal technology.  You might not be able to ‘touch’ the excess clutter you accumulate on devices but it has the same detrimental, energy-draining effect.  

So the idea of a boutique consultancy, for people with little time but a need for personal service, began to take shape. I created a ‘gold standard’ of technical organization and a process by which to free up mental and disk space.  I began to work with individuals and small businesses, refining along the way.  The feedback was amazingly positive with so many people telling me ‘I need this!’. And so Tech Tonic was born.


Jayne Beilby is the Marie Kondo of technology. At the end of two hours, my desk top was clear and I had a neat and tidy filing system. Jayne took my technological mess and organized it! It was as if she came in with a filing cabinet, Manila folders and a label maker. Part techy nerd, part clutter therapist, Jayne is a joy to work with. Now I have all my photos and documents from old computers and phones in one place, all backed up and accessible. I feel lighter and more tech savvy than I ever thought possible.
— Tanya (1300 files on the screen, 0 folders, 5 devices containing photo's)
Working with Jayne is a pleasure - she is beyond patient and helpful! My computer/life was in a desperate need of cleaning up (even more than I originally thought!). Jayne helped me organize my files, pictures, calendars, then we backed everything up and updated my operating systems. As a busy mom of three, all this tidying has made my life much easier. A huge takeaway for me was Jayne’s “one touch” philosophy - at the first moment put the file where it should live permanently. Thank you Tech Tonic!
— Eileen (35 files on the screen, 0 folders, hard drive in a box)

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