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Put simply, digital organization is the equivalent of closet organization for your phone and computer

Today, we are inundated with technology that is supposed to make our lives easier and more efficient.  Instead, we are overwhelmed by iPhones, Macs, photos and back ups. A desire to create a shift in clients approach to technology, in addition to organizing it, is fundamental to Tech Tonics approach.

We believe storage is for hoarders and this applies to our technical lives as well as our closets. The real challenge is ridding ourselves of what we don’t need, freeing up mental and disk space and ensuring our technology works for us. It's not always easy but imagine the relief of knowing you only have what you need, it's backed up and you know exactly how to access it. 

Are you ready to make a Tech Tonic shift? 


Does this feel familiar?

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Does the thought of organizing your technology make you want to close your eyes? 

 Empty picture and photograph frames on a wall


Thousands of photos but none on your walls?  Baby album still on the to-do list? And your baby is 5.

 Two young girls whispering and using laptop at home


Does it feel like your children know more about technology than you do some days?

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Back Up's

Do the words ‘synchronizing' and ‘back up’ make you want to take a nap?

We know how you feel… 

That’s why we created Tech Tonic.  With the benefit of being able to come to your home, meet at the office or somewhere inbetween, we provide the flexibility to fit into your busy schedule. Designed to reduce stress, help you sort through all that stuff you don’t need and organize what you do.  We will soon have you feeling calm and in control. 

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How We Work - In 3 Easy Steps

We know your'e busy!
  • Contact us to schedule a time to talk
  • We then meet in person and start calming your chaos
  • You breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy using your technology again

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