Pricing & Packages

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Individual Session

$500 for a total of 2 hours
  • 2 hour minimum* consultation in a single session but we are always happy to help for longer.
  • Perfect for guidance, small amounts of chaos or when an expert opinion is needed.
  • Great to declutter, organize and be inspired to organize all your technology.
  • Finish with a sigh of relief and a plan in place, for you to execute or for us.

Technology Packages

$225 per hour, 5+ Hours, $200 per hour, 10+ Hours 
  • Projects requiring at least 5 or 10 hours assistance and sessions can be divided into 2+ hours each.
  • Includes photos and files to mail and calendars, to-do lists, saving, synchronizing, sharing or buying new.
  • Flexibility to focus on your needs and priorities at a time that works for you.
  • We take it step-by-step until we get to a happy place where you enjoy using your technology.

* For clients outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn, there is a 3 hour minimum and travel expenses are charged at cost.


$200 per hour
  • For existing clients who did a package and need a little help to re-focus.
  • Useful for after holidays and vacations or whenever life has become extra busy.
  • We'll give you a gentle nudge, because that is all you'll need, to get on the path again and continue your journey.

Payment & Cancellations

We accept most forms of payment
  • Per Hour Consultations - Reserve your time and pay at the end of each session
  • Packages - Buy and then schedule at your convenience
  • Cancellations and rescheduling require 48 hours notice

Okay, I need you!

It is such a pleasure working with Jayne.  After feeling overwhelmed for years by thousands of photos, I reached out to Jayne who helped organize folders and back things up as needed - no more clutter! I can now locate pictures from any life event without a hassle. Jayne can handle any mess you throw at her with patience and efficiency. I could not have done this without her expert knowledge. I highly recommend Tech Tonic to anyone looking for a clutter free, manageable tech life!
— Julie (Photo’s, photo’s everywhere!)
Jayne has pulled me out of spiraling overwhelm and given me back my sanity. From organizing my client list into MailChimp, to giving me detailed instructions on how to back up my laptop & which hard drive to purchase. There was no mystery and little effort required for my already overtaxed working mom brain. She has continued to advise me, give me homework, reassure me that she’ll help me figure things out, and made me laugh. I am truly grateful to have her as a resource!
— Amy Baker, LMT, RCST