How We Work

Whether you need a bit of technical guidance or feel like you have lost control of your technology, we create a solution for you. We'll hold your hand through the entire process (literally, if you need us to) from putting files in folders to deleting photographs.

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1. Get in Touch

  • Start by clicking book a consultation.  Check the boxes that apply to you so we can identify the source of the problem.
  • Shortly after, we will be in touch to scheduled your complimentary phone consultation.

2. Meet Up*

  • In person, at your place or ours, or somewhere in between.
  • We review what has been been causing your chaos, establish your priorities and get to work.
  • We need 2 hours minimum but we are always happy to help for longer.
  • *Remote consultations by request 


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3. Breathe

  • At the end of the first session you will see the difference in your technology and, perhaps more importantly, in how you feel about it.
  • We will email you notes from our session, including hints and tips to stay in control.
  • You may only need a single session or you may need more. We'll advise.
  • We work with your budget and lifestyle to achieve results. If more work is needed, that can be done by you as 'homework' or by us.

Jayne is true to her mission of creating calmness out of technical chaos. At our session, she went through my iPhone and made sure it was backing up data and helped me to organize all my apps more efficiently. Jayne also checked my settings and gave me tips of enabling parental controls and disabling certain features. Perhaps most importantly, she introduced me to a service to backup all my data remotely so I can sleep better at night knowing my photos and files are safe and secure. Jayne was truly a pleasure to work with and made an otherwise stressful topic actually enjoyable! I would highly recommend Tech Tonic to anyone who needs a bit (or a lot!) of help managing their technical life.
— Amy B, NYC

Individual Session

$500 for a total of 2 hours
  • 2 hour minimum consultation in a single session but we are always happy to help for longer.
  • Perfect for guidance, small amounts of chaos or when an expert opinion is needed.
  • Great to declutter, organize and be inspired to organize all your technology.
  • Finish with a sigh of relief and a plan in place, for you to execute or for us.

Technology Packages

$220 per hour, 5+ Hours, $200 per hour, 10+ Hours 
  • Projects requiring at least 5 or 10 hours assistance and sessions can be divided into 2+ hours each.
  • Includes photos and files to mail and calendars, to-do lists, saving, synchronizing, sharing or buying new.
  • Flexibility to focus on your needs and priorities at a time that works for you.
  • We take it step-by-step until we get to a happy place where you enjoy using your technology.


$200 per hour
  • For existing clients who need a little help to re-focus.
  • Useful for after holidays and vacations or whenever life has become extra busy.
  • We'll give you a gentle nudge, because that is all you'll need, to get on the path again and continue your journey.

Payment & Cancellations

We accept most forms of payment
  • Per Hour Consultations - Reserve your time and pay at the end of each session.
  • Packages - Buy and then schedule at your convenience.
  • Cancellations and rescheduling require 48 hours notice.