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Tanya, NYC

Jayne Beilby is the Marie Kondo of technology. When I started working with Jayne I had 1,300 things on the desk top of my computer. I won't even go into what my documents and download folders looked like! At the end of two hours, my desk top was clear and I had a neat and tidy filing system. Jayne was able to take my technological mess and organize it! It was as if she came in with a filing cabinet, Manila folders and a label maker. Part techy nerd, part clutter therapist, Jayne is a joy to work with. Now I have all my old photos and documents from my old computers and phones in one place, all backed up and accessible. I feel lighter, more tech savvy than I thought possible. 

Eileen, NYC

Working with Jayne is a pleasure - she is beyond patient and helpful! My computer/life was in a desperate need of cleaning up (even more than I originally thought!) and Jayne helped me organize my files, pictures, calendars, then we backed everything up and updated my operating systems.  As a busy mom of three all this tidying has made my life easier.  A huge takeaway for me was Jayne's "one touch" philosophy - at the first moment put the file where it should live permanently.  Thank you Tech Tonic!