There are lots of areas that can be organized.  Take a look below and see which ones apply to you!

 Boy overwhelmed by looking at laptop hands over eyes


Does the thought of organizing your technology make you want to close your eyes? Hard drive full? Let's clean it up so you know where everything is and that its saved!

 Reflection in camera lense montage


Get them organized!! Wherever they may be stored.  Share photos, create products and delete, delete, delete.  Blurred ones, multiple ones, boring ones and where's that one?

 Computer, Apple Mac training and making notes. learning new skill


Do you wish you knew how to work your Mac a bit better, make it faster, remember that shortcut? It's ok. We give you detailed 'how to' notes after each session.

 Transparent digital image of envelopes floating and being pointed at with fingers


Do you check different email addresses in different places? Don't! Have one place, delete the junk and file the useful ones. Smart Folders can do this for you automatically. Less work!

 Dates from a calendar in color 


Lots of entries but its not easy to see who is doing what? We can color code for your kids, partner, pet and work, add in birthdays automatically and sync across all your devices.

 Rolodex open rotary business card holder. 


Need to get rid of duplicates? Do you have a contact card or groups of contacts? Enter birthdays and they can link into your calendar too. No more relying on your memory!

 Woman lying on white bed sleeping, relaxing

Backup & Synching

Do the words ‘synchronizing' and ‘back up’ make you want to take a nap? We know how you feel, so let's set it up, forget it and get on with the fun stuff!


 The word update written in black sharpie


Do you keep being told 'Updates Available' and clicking on 'Later'?  Thought so.  But once your'e backed up its okay to hit 'Install', we promise!

 White iPhone showing a selection of apps


Too many apps, too little time. Lots you don't use? Let's delete them and make recommendations on the best ones for your life.

 Data transfer between electronic devices, cloud, phone, laptop, tablet

Data Transfer

Do you have files on an old PC, an old Mac, hard drive, thumb drive or iPhone? All of the above? Let's get it all in one place and backed up!

 Variety of apple devices. Mac book, Mac book pro, iPad, iPhone 5. iphone6, iPhone 7

New & Old Technology

Not sure if you need new technology? Want to recycle your old technology? We advise or organize. Selling could offset consultation costs too!

 Woman with finger on her lips who is keeping a secret

Password Management

Does everyone know your pets name?  They can probably guess your passwords too. We'll set up password management and advise on security .

 Woman wearing sneakers, trainers and walking for exercise


Monitor your health and track your steps, no other technology needed! Also, let's set up your Medical ID and show you how to access other people's in an emergency.

 Man signing divorce papers with gold wedding ring on desk table beside him


Who gets to keep the photo's?  You both do.  We can copy the photo library and install it on another computer. This applies to any files you need duplicating.

 White flower to denote a deceased relative or friend

Digital Legacy

If the worst happens, who knows what you have, where it is or how to access it? e.g. Finances, pension, photos. Keep things simple by creating a digital legacy.


Squarespace Website

Want a website but not sure how  to get started? We can help you build your site and since Tech Tonic get are a Squarespace Circle Member, we can provide additional benefits for you too! 


Anything else?

Just get in touch!

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