Photos, the artist formerly know as iPhoto

 Wall hung with empty picture frames, photograph frames.

Photos, photos everywhere.  Except on your walls?

I’m often asked about software for different uses.  Photographs in particularly.  Should I get Photoshop? Lightbox? What’s new out there? Before you panic, the answer is simple.  If you are an average Mac user you don’t need anything except Photos, the free software that comes with your Mac.  What most people do need however is a lesson on how to use it!  So here are a few key things to know.

Appearance - It now looks the same on all devices. Photos are broken down into Moments, Collections, Years.  Why they couldn’t call it Days instead of Moments I don’t know. For an easy life, think of it as Days, Months, Years.

Sidebar - If you can't see the sidebar you won't be able to see the list of things below or the albums you've created!  Go to 'View' and select 'Show Sidebar'. Done. 

Memories - Photo’s get organized into Collections within Memories.  Which could be called Vacations/Trips or Events but that is the type of thing it groups together.  You get the idea.

People - Facial recognition software is now amazing, compared to what is was anyway!  Tag someone in a photo and it will find lots more automatically.  Be warned, it is very addictive.  If you like making photo albums of you family this is an amazingly useful tool to use.

Places - This gives you a map so you can click on a location to see all the photos from one place.  Do you want to see repeat trips to your favorite beach - all in one location? If so, just click!

Search - This is improving all the time.  Want to see pictures of your cat?  Type ‘cat’ in the search bar and all your images of Fluffy will be there.  Aaahhh.