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Websites and Apps

A few of our favourites to help you calm the clutter.

https://unroll.me  After you sign up, you see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want.  Genius.

www.wunderlist.com  Whilst Apple is improving Reminders it still isn’t what it could be.  In the meantime we find Wunderlist is one of the easiest ways to get stuff done. It enables you to plan, organize and share your to-do lists, get reminders and check it off at completion.  All with a satisfying ‘Bing’!

www.gazelle.com  If you want to sell your old phone/mac/ipad etc this is the place to come to.  A 6 year old 27 inch Mac earned a nice check of $325.  Much better than collecting dust and taking up precious floor space!!  New shoes anyone?

www.enjoy.com  Wish you could order new technology online, have it delivered to your house and set up?  That’s what Enjoy do.  The downside?  They only do iphones, ipads, Airport and Apple TV at the moment.

www.justgetflux.com  You’ve heard that blue light from technology interrupts your precious sleep.  Well, Flux is the friend who automatically turns down the blue light and ups the relaxing tone on your screen.  It seems a bit strange at first but it will soon become love.  If you want Apple to be in charge on your iPhone and iPad there is also a 'Night Shift' option in settings.  This does the same thing but automatically.

www.tweedwolf.com  Remember that photo album you were always going to do but never found the time for?  Well, now you can cross it off your to do list.  Just upload your photographs at Tweed Wolf and they will take care of it and send you a gorgeous, finished product.