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Fairy God Boss have published our article 9 Technology Hacks That Will Boost Your Productivity. They are inspirational and focus on providing jobs and company reviews especially for women, with the goal is to improve the workplace and lives of women in it.

And in other Tech News, we partnered with Elizabeth Grace Becker on Expert Tips To Declutter Your Tech. Her company specializes in hiring tech talent and she herself is a keen advocate for women in tech.  Check her out on Medium.


Thrive Global

There was a very proud moment at Tech Tonic when Jayne was asked to be a contributing writer at Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington's new venture.  Their mission is to help people simply do more than live, and instead, thrive.  Find out what she's been writing about here.

She Worx

She Worx is a global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership.  For the recent summit in New York,  Tech Tonic provided '8 Easy Hacks' for fundraisers to speed up their Macs and ensure their tech was is great shape.  One less thing to worry about when launching a business and seeking investment!



Beauty and Well Being

Technology really does affect our health and well being. We all know how stressful it feels when our phone dies or we think we've lost some photographs!! 

Jayne Beilby talked to Katie Von Strasser about her experience and  inspiration for founding Tech Tonic.  Read more at Beauty and Well Being.

Mother Untitled

The place where women are going for fun, comforting and candid conversations about finding their own version of balance as women and mothers.

Read our 7 expert tips here to help you create mental space and free up your time for the important things in life!


Beyond Mom

The focus of Beyond Mom is to offer enlivened community and deeper wellness for moms who are going beyond.  If you are not a mom but you are seeking support, insight and empowerment too, this is the place to come.

Read more about Jayne at Beyond Mom and look out for her expert pieces coming soon to Beyond Mom!


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  • 18th May - Bowery Babes Working Mums Lunch will feature Tech Tonic and Henry and Higby giving practical insights into organizing you tech and homes!
  • Date TBC - Park Slope Parents host Tech Tonic to discover how to get your tech working best for you.